About Us

Christlyns Vinyl & More was founded in August 2016! Background story: I am a 27 year old, stay-at-home mom since I graduated college and my daughter was born in April 2016. My savings was dwindling down and I was trying to find a daycare for my daughter to return to work but I was unable to find an opening. I was buying personalized decals and htv transfers to apply to my daughters items, then in August it was my birthday and I decided to buy the silhouette cameo 3 to create my own. As I started posting the new crafts I was doing, friends & family wanted me to sell them items! The extra money turned my life around, I was able to pay my bills, make extra payments on my home, & most importantly buy my daughter everything she needed/wanted! I really couldn’t be more thankful for all the people that have supported me and my small business that I run out of my home. I really try to give 110% into everything that I do! I try to give away free gifts, do giveaways, & show my customers that I appreciate them every chance I get because it just makes me feel good to pass positive energy on and love onto others. If I make an error on an order, I will refund fully or give shop credit, whichever the customer prefers to make everything right! I have also had many people order something or request something to be made and it cost me a lot of setback, time, & money because they would never pick it up or pay. I have so many items taking over my space & it is so much easier to add every item RTS or that I can make on a website.  I hope you enjoy it so much better! Thank you again for visiting our new site!

I am using Sezzle - it is an alternative payment solution that lifts sales and basket sizes by enabling your customers to ‘buy now and pay later’ with interest-free installment plans. They have an offer right now to get one month free of transaction fees.  To use Sezzle, make sure to copy my code SZXRLBB and paste it in the application (http://go.pardot.com/e/285692/signup/5kh75q/614787561?h=21rFwIFI8NvyENdxIoL76JLlcvbLGHwor4LONX9X6NI).