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Christmas Mystery Boxes

❤️Christmas Mystery Box 🎁


Can order these from now until December 20th.

EMAIL: Shirt size, favorite color, name/monogram, favorite design, age, gender to or leave in comments to seller at checkout.


  1. Small: $15
  2. Medium: $20
  3. Large: $25
  4. XL: $30
  5. Deluxe: $35
  6. Huge: $40
  7. Grand: $50

Includes any of these items or items not listed:
•Random Stuffed Christmas Toy with child’s name & year.
•Plastic Cup with name added.
•Snowman Soup (hot cocoa with marshmallows & candy cane).
•Reindeer Food.
•Glittered Ornament with child’s name & choice of color $5
•Santa’s Magic Key for Santa $3
•Santa’s Metal Magic Key with Monogram added $8 (2 available)
•Additional Christmas plush with name and year $5
•Fleece Black Headband with Name or Monogram in choice of color $6
•Phone Grip (black or white) with Monogram or name added in choice of color $3 or a glittered phone Grip with monogram/name added for $5
•Stocking added with name added $5
•DVD (black panther, Cinderella, new grinch, the incredibles, Ferdinand, how to train your dragon 2, frozen) $10.
•Wristlet Keychain with name added $3
•Chapstick Holder Keychain with name added $3
•Can Holder with name or monogram added $3
•Sequined Can Holder $5
•3” Decal with name or monogram in your choice of color $3
•Makeup Bag with name or monogram added $8
•Druzy Stud Earrings $3
•Christmas Mug $5
•Car Coasters blank $3, with name or monogram added $6.

•Christmas/Holiday Shirt in your choice of size $14
•Coin Purse with name or monogram added $6
•ID Wallet with wristlet and monogram/name added $8
•Pink Lunch Bag with name or monogram added $10.

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