Cup Turner Foam for PVC Pipe

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Cup Turner Foam for PVC Pipe

In stock and RTS item

  • Choose size of foam/color you’d like
  • The different sizes fit different cup sizes (12 oz, bottles, 20oz, 30oz. Etc)

Foam Sizes

  1. X-Small Uses: Baby Bottles, Water Bottle, Glitter Pens, etc.
  2. Small Uses: Sippy Cups, Glitter Pens, Bottles, etc.
  3. Medium Uses: Mugs, Sippy Cups, 12oz. 16oz. Glitter Pens, etc.
  4. Large Uses: 20oz tumblers, glitter pens, Mugs, 18oz, etc.
  5. X-Large Uses: 30oz tumblers, glitter pens, XL Mugs, large rim items.

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