Name Turquoise Sunflower States Sublimation Transfer

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Name Turquoise Sunflower States Sublimation Transfer
Name Turquoise Sunflower States Sublimation Transfer

Sublimation Designs:

    • Made to order—2 to 7 business day turnaround time. Time is based upon amount of orders to be processed, time placed, if customs are included, and size of order. Orders are printed by order numbers & will be shipped out as quickly as possible.
    • Comment State at checkout.
    • If purchasing any custom item; list name etc. you want added in the notes to seller at checkout. (I am working on making the ability to do this under the listing for a custom design but it is not yet done).
    • Choose Adult size 8”x11” roughly, Youth size 6”x6” roughly, infant(2 to sheet) size 4”x4” roughly, or mug/koozie(6 to page) size 3”x3” roughly.
    • Thank you for ordering from Christlyns Vinyl & More!

400 degrees
Medium-High pressure
60 seconds
- NOTE: Each heat press is different. I recommend testing your press at different pressure/temperature/time settings to determine the best press for you!

    1-Set your heat press to 400 degrees
    2-Apply copy paper, parchment paper or butcher paper to the bottom of your heat press.
    3- Apply your shirt to the heat press.
    4-Apply copy paper, parchment paper or butcher paper INSIDE the garment. This perverts bleeding of the ink to the back side of the shirt.
    5-Pre press 3 seconds to remove wrinkles and moisture from material.
    6- Apply the transfer face down onto the garment where you will see a-sub facing you.
    7-Apply copy paper, parchment paper or butcher paper on top to cover the whole shirt/design.
    8-Press for 60 seconds.
    9-Carefully remove the paper.
    10- Your all done ✔️ 
    Note: I highly encourage you to order heat tape from Amazon or other suppliers to tape your transfer onto your shirt to prevent it from moving in any way when lifting your heat press so you don’t get mirroring.
    Note: DO NOT USE the same paper you used on one shirt on another because IT WILL TRANSFER TO ANOTHER GARMENT.
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